Real-time ranking Preview

On the 19th of March, we will deploy our new real-time ranking which will remove the problem of out-of-sync rankings and leaderboards.

In short, with this update, the position of a subscriber in the list (and in the leaderboard) will update in real time as soon as a change occurs without having to wait for a recalculation.

This update impacts directly the core infrastructure of MaƮtre and, as a result, some things will stop working while others will work differently.

In particular, all features that relied on asynchronous re-calculation of the ranking (such as some Automation emails) won't work anymore.

Here's a list of things that will change:

  • We will stop sending the POSITION merge tag to Mailchimp
  • We won't send nor update the position property of your synced Intercom contacts
  • "Top of the list", "Lost positions" and "Gained Positions" automation emails will be removed
  • "Position changed" webhook (fired when a subscriber's position changes) will be removed