"beforeSubmit" callback

Ever needed to change the data submitted to Maître on the fly? Now you can with our new "beforeSubmit" callback. Learn more here.

Get notifications when reward is unlocked

You can now get an email notification when a subscriber unlocks one of your rewards. This is especially useful for those campaigns that require manual distribution of rewards.

Assign Referrer in CSV Import

You can now assign a referrer to imported subscribers directly in the CSV file. Simply add a new column "referrer" and, as a value, enter the unique referral code of the referrer OR their email address.

You can learn more about CSV importing here.

2 new Automation emails

We have added 2 new Automation emails: Activation and Reminder. The Activation email is sent to those who have not referred anybody a chosen amount of time (eg: 5 days) after they sign up. The Reminder email is sent to those who haven't referred a friend in a while. This email is sent a chosen amount of time (eg: 5 days) after their last referral.

Updated Anti-fraud algorithm

We have completely revamped our Anti-fraud algorithm, which is now 73% better at spotting cheaters.

MAFA (Maître Anti-fraud Algorithm) will work in the background and check for cheaters every day. You will get a report of suspicious sign-ups in your Weekly report.

Sendlane integration

Are you a Sendlane user? You can now integrate Maître with your Sendlane account in one click and keep your lists in sync.

Read more


identify() lets you identify a person so that they don't have to manually enter their data (eg: email address, name, etc). This is particularly useful, for example, when you embed Maître on an internal page of your website where you already know the user's email (eg: a section of the website only logged in users can access).

Read more in the Support Center

Delete Coupon Groups

You can now delete Coupon Groups.

First and Last names sent to Mailchimp

If you use our MailChimp integration, we now send the first and last name to your MailChimp list. We use the default merge tags FNAME and LNAME, hence unless you have changed/deleted them, you don't need to do anything.

2FA for all accounts

Need extra protection for your account? Enable 2-factor authentication for your account and sleep better at night 😉

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