Added list of referrals in Export

We have added a new column in the CSV export file called "Referrals", which contains the emails of all the subscribers referred by each person.

Updated Installation guides for Popular platforms

We have updated and improved ALL our installation guides for popular platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Instapage, Carrd, etc.

Check them all out here

installation guides

Floating button

One of the most requested features in finally here: floating button!

With the Floating Button your users can sign up from any page of your website, thus increasing the likelihood that they will sign up and invite their friends. For you, it also means that you don't need to create a dedicated landing page for your referral program.

Learn more here


Improved rewards look&feel

We have improved the look&feel of the rewards section in the new widget. Some of you wanted a better way to immediately display the rewards structure (1st position, 2nd position, etc) so we have added a "header" section to Waiting lists and Sweepstakes (Lead magnets already had this feature).

rewards header

Also, we have solved the "reward description" problem. With the new design it was more difficult to display the reward description. Now people can see the reward description simply by hovering the reward. This gives you the opportunity to add a long description without sacrificing on design.


Use your existing form

If you use Maître's new forms, you can easily integrate with your existing forms using these instructions.

Active Referrers

We have added "Active referrers" to the Analytics page which shows you how many subscribers have referred somebody vs who has referred no one.

Active referrers

Maître Forms 2.0

Our forms have been completely redesigned with a new design and lots of new features. You can read the official announcement here.

maitre forms

New MailChimp merge tag

We have added a new merge tag to MailChimp TOT_REF, which you can use to display the total number of referrals for a subscriber. Best part: the merge tag will update automatically when your subscribers refer new friends!

For more info about how to integrate your Maître campaign to MailChimp, check out this support article.

Subscriber's profile page

In light of the new GDPR changes, we have added an easy way for your subscribers to update or delete their data.

Each subscriber now has a profile page, which contains their data (email, name, extra info, etc). This page can only be accessed by the subscriber.

All emails will automatically have a link to this page in the footer (next to the unsubscribe link).

Also, you can easily find the link to the profile page in each subscriber's page in your dashboard.


Added 4th field to form

We have added the 4th field to our forms (in addition to name, email and extra_field).

Since we are a bunch of incredibly creative people, we've decided to call this new field "extra field 2".

All our integrations, webhooks and APIs have been updated with this change.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Maitre will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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