Retrieve Subscriber by Email endpoint

We have added a new endpoint to our API that allows you to retrieve a subscriber from their email address.

You can read more here.

New limits for Broadcasts

Starting today Broadcasts will have limits on the number of emails you can send per month, based on your plan. PRO users can send up to 15K emails per month, whereas Premium users up to 40K emails per month.

Tracking Pixel available to everyone!

Our newest technology "Tracking Pixel" is officially out of Beta and everyone can use it to create sophisticated referral and ambassador campaigns.

Referred email

We have added a new Automation email that is sent to subscribers who have been referred. This email is very useful if you want to setup both-sides referral campaigns where both referrals and referred get something.

Added Bonus logs

You can now see the complete list of bonuses unlocked by each subscriber by going to their profile page.

Added name to custom thank you page

We have added the subscriber name as a parameter in the URL when redirecting subscribers to your custom thank you page.

More information here.

Webhooks events

Now you can specify which events you want to receive with our webhooks. We have also added a new webhook event: "Position changed", which notifies you when a subscriber's position has changed.

Intercom Integration

We are super excited to announce our latest integration: Intercom. Simply connect your account and we will automatically subscribe your MaƮtre's subscribers to your Intercom account.

You can read more here.

One-click MailChimp import

We have improved our Import feature with a tighter MailChimp integration. You can now import your MailChimp subscribers into Maitre in one click.

To learn more about this feature read the Support article.

Send coupon codes to your subscribers

You can now incentivize your subscribers to invite their friends in exchange for coupon codes.

You simply need to upload your coupon codes and choose when subscribers receive them (eg: get a 20% discount code when inviting 3 friends).

Read the support article to learn more.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Maitre will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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