New MailChimp merge tag

We have added a new merge tag to MailChimp TOT_REF, which you can use to display the total number of referrals for a subscriber. Best part: the merge tag will update automatically when your subscribers refer new friends!

For more info about how to integrate your Maître campaign to MailChimp, check out this support article.

Subscriber's profile page

In light of the new GDPR changes, we have added an easy way for your subscribers to update or delete their data.

Each subscriber now has a profile page, which contains their data (email, name, extra info, etc). This page can only be accessed by the subscriber.

All emails will automatically have a link to this page in the footer (next to the unsubscribe link).

Also, you can easily find the link to the profile page in each subscriber's page in your dashboard.


Added 4th field to form

We have added the 4th field to our forms (in addition to name, email and extra_field).

Since we are a bunch of incredibly creative people, we've decided to call this new field "extra field 2".

All our integrations, webhooks and APIs have been updated with this change.

Customizable "Unsubscribe" link in emails

You can now customize the "Unsubscribe" that appears at the bottom of all Maître's emails.

Analytics page improvements

We have added new charts and stats on the analytics page, including:

  • daily timeline of unsubscribers
  • daily timeline with breakdown of sources
  • daily timeline with breakdown of shares
  • daily timeline with breakdown of devices


Fixed Whatsapp encoding bug

We have fixed a Whatsapp encoding bug that was adding + signs inside the shared message.

SMS verification

Need an extra layer of protection? Enable SMS verifications and your users will need to confirm their phone number before they can verify their email address. Read the details here

Accept Terms & Conditions in widget

This is a step forward towards making our widgets (and your campaigns) GDPR compliant. With this addition, you can ask people to accept your terms and conditions before signing up.

ReCaptcha Native Integration

Fed up with bots and spammers trying to game your campaign? Starting today you can add an extra layer of protection by using Google ReCaptcha. The integration is super simple: you just need to sign up on Google ReCaptcha's website and we'll take care of the rest.

You can read detailed instructions here.

Real-time ranking officially LIVE

We have deployed the new, shiny, real-time ranking. You can read what this means to you here.

No published changelogs yet.

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