Accept Terms & Conditions in widget

This is a step forward towards making our widgets (and your campaigns) GDPR compliant. With this addition, you can ask people to accept your terms and conditions before signing up.

ReCaptcha Native Integration

Fed up with bots and spammers trying to game your campaign? Starting today you can add an extra layer of protection by using Google ReCaptcha. The integration is super simple: you just need to sign up on Google ReCaptcha's website and we'll take care of the rest.

You can read detailed instructions here.

Real-time ranking officially LIVE

We have deployed the new, shiny, real-time ranking. You can read what this means to you here.

Recognise One-click signups subscribers

Now you can easily find out who of your subscribers have signed up using the one-click sign up feature.

When you download your CSV file, the "source" field of those subscribers will say "one _click _signup".

Important: only subscribers who have signed up after the 18/03/2018 will be recognised.

Real-time ranking Preview

On the 19th of March, we will deploy our new real-time ranking which will remove the problem of out-of-sync rankings and leaderboards.

In short, with this update, the position of a subscriber in the list (and in the leaderboard) will update in real time as soon as a change occurs without having to wait for a recalculation.

This update impacts directly the core infrastructure of Maître and, as a result, some things will stop working while others will work differently.

In particular, all features that relied on asynchronous re-calculation of the ranking (such as some Automation emails) won't work anymore.

Here's a list of things that will change:

  • We will stop sending the POSITION merge tag to Mailchimp
  • We won't send nor update the position property of your synced Intercom contacts
  • "Top of the list", "Lost positions" and "Gained Positions" automation emails will be removed
  • "Position changed" webhook (fired when a subscriber's position changes) will be removed

[API] Added "risk_level" to Subscriber's object

We have added a new property to the subscriber's object "risk_level", which shows the fraudulence level as detected by our anti-fraud algorithm.

The subscriber's fraudulence level is expressed as an integer from 0 (none) to 5 (extremely likely). Internally, a level 5 is considered "High", 3 and 4 are considered "Elevated" and 2 and 1 are considered "Medium".

You can use this new property, for example, to remove subscribers from your list based on custom criteria.

Share on Telegram

Do you want your subscribers to share on Telegram? You can now add a "Share on Telegram" icon to your widget with a couple of clicks.

We will automatically open the Telegram app (if present).

(ICOs I'm looking at you 😉)

Manual purging

You can now manually purge your list.

This feature allows you to remove from your list subscribers whose email domain is in your blacklist.

Simply go to Settings > Advanced Settings and you will find a red button that says "Purge list".

PS: This feature is only available for PRO and Premium accounts.

Delete all high-risk subscribers in one click

You can now delete all high-risk subscribers in one click. Simply go to Subscribers > High Risk and click on the red button "Delete all high risk subscribers".


Want to prevent people from using certain domains? You can now add domains to a blacklist and we will automatically reject them.

Read more here.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Maitre will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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